Industries Served

Industries Served

Kingsmen Consulting Services (KCS)is one the largest ISO Certification Consulting organization with clients spanning across 09 countries including UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Canada, Oman, Bahrain, Africa, Qatar & Kuwait.We provide quick, result oriented and easy to implement consulting and training for ISO certificate. 

Below are some of the Industries we served as a consultants for ISO certification.

1. Aerospace Industries

2. Fishing Industries

3. Timber Industries

4. Chemical Industries

5. Pharmaceutical Industries

6. Software Industries

7. Construction Industries

8. Defense Industries

9. Arms Industries

10. Education Industries

11. Energy Industries

12. Electrical power Industries

13. Petroleum Industries

14. Entertainment Industries

15. Financial services Industries

16. Insurance Industries

17. Food Industries

18. Fruit production

19. Health care Industries

20. Hospitality Industries

21. Information Industries

22. Automotive Industries

23. Pulp and paper Industries

24. Steel Industries

25. Shipbuilding Industries

26. Broadcasting

27. Film Industries 

28. Music Industries

29. News media

30. Publishing

31. Telecommunications Industries

32. Transport Industries

33. Water Industries 



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