Six Sigma

Six Sigma

Contemporary organizations are not naive to the importance of Six Sigma certification that helps them achieve the highest level of productivity and infuse unprecedented efficacy into the work environment. It sets high standards of operations that helps convert an ordinary organization into extraordinary. As a preferred Six Sigma Training institute, we are known to start from the basics. Our trainers manage the perfect balance of theory and practical application.

We provide comprehensive Sig Sigma training solutions

White Belt: It gives the basic understanding of Six Sigma and teaches about DMAIC processes and their role.
Yellow Belt: It makes you a Subject Matter Expert or SME with the in-depth knowledge of DMAIC process and a profound understanding of process improvement. It gives tools and techniques that help in achieving organization goals.
Green Belt: It is part of the Four Weeks comprehensive Black Belt Program. After completing two weeks of the training, you are awarded a Green Belt. We have a pool of certified trainers who are Master Black Belt holders themselves.
Black Belt: We have master trainers that extend each and every detail of Six Sigma and make you an expert. Our practical oriented approach focuses on the practical implementation of Six Sigma and not just theoretical concepts.
Master Black Belt: It is a two weeks training program to offer an advanced approach towards Six Sigma Project and statistical methods. We inculcate concepts that go beyond conventional Black Belt Training Program.

SixSigma equips you with powerful tools and techniques that help in reducing defects and increasing accuracy. The concepts are widely applicable across industries ranging from service delivery to manufacturing and from engineering to trade. Lean Six Sigma is the latest entrant that combines the concepts of Six Sigma and TQM. It ensures not only defect reduction but the elimination of total waste.



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