ISO 41001 Facilities Management

ISO 41001:2018 Facilities Management Certification in UAE

ISO 41001:2018 Management System for Facilities Management Certificate in Dubai

The ISO 41001:2018 Management System for Facilities Management (FMS) Standard specifies the requirements for a Facility Management (FM) System that supports organizational growth.

The ISO 41001:2018 Standard enables organizations to demonstrate effective and efficient delivery of Facility Management services. The aim of the new ISO Standard is to meet organizational requirements of becoming a sustainable and productive business establishment with an enhanced infrastructure that fosters work productivity and business excellence. 

The ISO 41001:2018 Standard is non-specific to any industry and intended to be applicable to organizations for all size and complexity. Every company, big or small, the scope of facility management is present. Facility Management Services are relevant to building a sustainable infrastructure that helps in enhancing employee productivity and business growth.

What is Facility Management?

Facility management consists of multiple disciplines to influence the efficiency and productivity of organizations. FM determines the quality of life in communities and societies through the services it manages and delivers.

FM has a broad impact on the organization and society, but there is limited recognition of its principles and practices at a global level.

The ISO 41001:2018 Standard offers a perfect solution for organizations to achieve business growth. A requirement of robust Facility Management System that would define a common global structure and support system for the organization.

What are the Key benefits of the ISO 41001:2018 Management System for Facility Management Standard?

The Facility Management System is aimed to enhance organizational infrastructure to global standards. It enables organizations to achieve a competitive advantage in this fast-paced world. It helps in equipping the organizations with industry best practices, common principles, concepts, and terms, etc., to achieve excellence. 

The benefits of the Facility Management System include:

• Improved workforce productivity, safety and health, and well-being

• Improved communication of requirements and methodologies. 

• improving cost benefits to organizations

• Improved service consistency

• Providing a common platform to all types of organizations

The new standard aims to help facilities management team improve efficiency across a range of areas. from procurement to operation to maintenance. There also are other ISO Standards that sync well with the ISO 41001:2018 Standard.

They are the ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationship Management Systems Standard, the ISO 55001 Asset Management Standard, and the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard. 

Why Should your organization get Certified with ISO 41001:2018 Standard?

Facility Management Standard helps you to keep your organization on top of the ever-changing trends in the field of organizational infrastructural developments. Considering the management, operations, and maintenance of the organizational facilities, the FM services must be constantly improved.

Conforming with the industry best practices, the new management system standard constitutes a benchmark for developing and driving effective strategic, tactical and operational FM principles.

The ISO 41001:2018 is a Standard sole focused towards Facility Management and has the potential to transform organizations by improving workforce health and safety, reducing their impact on the environment and making considerable cost savings. 

Why is the new ISO 41001:2018 Standard vital for the Facility Managers?

Facility management is evolving at a constant pace globally. The complex process in maintaining the infrastructure of your organization keeping the workforce productivity high is becoming challenging day by day.

Hence, the ISO 41001:2018 Standard will help Facility Managers streamline their efforts in a more structured and efficient way complying to global best practices.

Also, the ISO 41001:2018 Standard helps in enhancing brand reputation and brand image. Complying to the world’s best practices increases the brand visibility for facility management companies.

The ISO 41001:2018 Standard helps in achieving excellence in sustainability, energy management, and environmental safety. The new ISO Standard helps in setting up the following performance indicators to measure the success of your facility management efforts. 

• A clear and complete process with project milestone and reporting of FM activities

• Set realistic goals for timely project completion

• Create clear reporting standards and provide reports to regulatory authorities when required

• Reduce risks, the possibility of human errors and increase productivity

Business benefits

• Achieve a completive edge by standing out from FM Services companies

• Enhance trust among clients on project completions and business tasks

• Evaluate project teams with clear KPIs and track performance realistically

• Increase in the visibility of facility management initiatives 

• Enhance work productivity by providing conducive infrastructure

The need for Facility Management Standard in UAE?

Facility Management Services in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain, Ajman is a very matured and growing industry sector. Infrastructure development projects are a vital part of the UAE’s economic growth.

Hence, a Facility Management Standard that sets apart the industry by adapting global best practices and policies is clearly a win-win situation for FM organization and customers in this region.

It enhances customer confidence as well as support business growth by gaining creditably and reputation as a quality first company.

There are innumerable infrastructure development and facility management projects undertaken and scheduled to be Initiated in the UAE. The ISO 41001:2018 Standard would definitely add value to the FM companies who embark their journey of progress in the coming years in UAE.

How can I learn more about ISO 41001:2018 Standard?

To know more on ISO 41001: 2018 Standard, talk to out expert ISO consultants. We will assist you in the ISO Certifications, consultation, training, and audit services based on your requirements.

Our team will be happy to guide you throughout the ISO certification process. Set up a free consultation right away!



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