Mystery Shopping

Mystery Surveys

With over 15,000 shoppers and 600,000 mystery shopping assignments, along with our combination of knowledge & innovation, Ethos has the needed expertise and experience to assist your organisation.

Our mystery shopping tools provide fast and accurate understanding of your business from the customer’s point of view by measuring your customer experience journey.

Ethos develops tailored questionnaires covering various aspects and touchpoints and a detailed report is prepared by our analysts and delivered to you within 24-72 hours through our smart Mobile App reporting.


Branches & Service Centres
Mystery shoppers are required to silently observe and note down their experience of a physical store/branch/service centre, in order to measure the quality of service and gather information about products or services.

Call Centres
Mystery shoppers evaluate and observe their experience with the call centres and provide detailed report on call answering, agent’s soft skills, product knowledge, turnaround time & compliance of

Website / Email
Our mystery shopping programmes evaluate client’s digital channels from a customer’s point of view. This process involves finding information or requesting products and services to measure the website standards, efficiency, and turnaround time.

Mobile App / Smart Service

With the growth in smart services and app development, our mystery customers test and measure client’s mobile app/smart service and record their experience based on accessibility, efficiently, information and responsiveness.


Social Media

Mystery shoppers test the functionality and the responsiveness of an organisation’s social media channels by going through their social media page and posting a query. Detailed analysis on accessibility, turnaround time and accuracy is then reported.


Live Chat
Live chat mystery shopping involves mystery customers testing the functionality of an organisation’s live chat system in terms of availability, efficiency, responsiveness and accuracy.

Brand and Price Check

This approach requires mystery customers to observe and/or interact with front line staff in order to gather specific information on Price and/or the brand. For example prices offered by competitors and product placement in a store. 


Promotional Kiosks & Promoters
Often organisations provide special offers by running specific promotions. Our mystery customers measure the promotors/promotion kiosk and report their experience on availability of the promoter, accuracy of information provided, promoter standards etc.


Using a state of the art online and Mobile reporting platform, developed internally over the past 10 years, we provide all of our clients the survey and mystery shopping research results in real-time. Our platform can be accessed 24/7 from any smart device containing all the information needed to take the necessary action for improvements.

• Visual analytics in an ‘easy to understand’ dashboard

• Detailed scores displayed for each location

• Overall score by mystery shopping and Survey channel

• Comparison between current and last wave/month


• Monitor your customer experience journey

• Identify your weaknesses

• Receive feedback about each customer journey interaction point

• Improve sales performance to boost revenue

• Keep employees ‘on their toes’

• Identify poorly performing outlets and channels

• Monitor staff performance and identify their training needs

• Cost-effective method of monitoring service standard quality

• Benchmark organisation’s performance against competitors

• See how organisation’s products services are received in the marketplace




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