Dubai Quality Award (DQA)

Dubai Quality Award (DQA)

The Dubai Quality Award (DQA), initiated in 1994 by Business Excellence Department of Govt. of Dubai, is based on the Excellence Model used by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). The latter has been successfully applied in European private and public sector organisations since 1992.
DQA framework, methodology and main criteria provides organisations with a tool to benchmark performance, document existing gaps, and improve the performance to meet those gaps to achieve the Business Excellence Standard needed to meet the criteria.
DQA applicants must focus on the business excellence improvement process and not only on winning the award, because the journey for excellence is even more valuable for organisations than the recognition for it.
EBM is closely associated with DQA for a decade, in the following ways:
• Working with DQA authorities to setup/refine the Awards Criteria
• Training DQA Awards Applicants to Prepare
• Training DQA Awards Assessors for professional Assessment
• Active Participation in DQA Awards Applicants’ Assessment
• Consultancy to Enable DQA Applicant Organisation to meet the Standards/Criteria for the Awards as under:
o Gap Analysis between an Organisation’s prevailing vs required Business Excellence Standards
o Integrated Consulting Programs to bridge the Gaps and achieve required Business Excellence Standards, including the following:
 Consulting
 Training & Development
 Management Workshops
 Surveys & Analysis
 Benchmarking
o Pre-Assessments for Awards to ensure preparedness
o Management Consulting to sustain the Business Excellence Standards
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